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Brunei Travel Guide – Travel Highs & Lows

Brunei Travel Guide – Travel Highs & Lows

Brunei wasn't really on our list of countries to visit when we came to Southeast Asia. We decided to visit Brunei, mainly because the plane tickets were about $30 from Kuala Lumpur. Brunei also seemed like an easy destination that wouldn't require much advance...

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Winning Tips – Maldives, The Good and the Bad

We do our best to make good choices for our family when it comes to places we'll travel, accommodations and activities. Many times, we nail it. And sometimes we fall for inflated reviews and get caught by our own poorly set expectations. So, I wanted to list a few of...

Maldives Emotional Gap Analysis

It's easy to figure out how much per day our spend will be on a trip or what scams we'll face city to city. It's much harder to figure out what emotional stressors we might face in a city. We often talk about a place in comparison to places we have familiarity, like...

Family Beach Trip – Maafushi Maldives in 3 Acts

Our daughter had been asking for a family beach vacation for months and the beaches she most wanted to visit were in the Maldives. A luxury lifestyle Instagram account had worked it's marketing magic on our girl and made her eager desperate to visit the perfect...

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