Brunei Travel Guide – Travel Highs & Lows

Brunei Visitors Guide

Brunei wasn’t really on our list of countries to visit when we came to Southeast Asia. We decided to visit Brunei, mainly because the plane tickets were about $30 from Kuala Lumpur. Brunei also seemed like an easy destination that wouldn’t require much advance planning. We planned a four day stay in downtown Bandar Seri Begawan. Here’s a list of our …

Zero Waste in Asia | Sustainable Travel

Fruit Stand in Kuala Lumpur

Zero waste is mentioned a good deal on Infomiss. In many places in the US especially progressive urban areas like San Francisco, LA, NY and Seattle, avoiding and drastically limiting waste and packaging is fairly easy. Living zero waste in Asia challenges me as the concept of minimal waste is still not widely popular. I really have …