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40 years later. Why I said nothing

Right now, in Alabama, registered voters that have been able to jump over the numerous voting hurdles required to vote in that state have voted to make Roy Moore or Doug Jones a state Senator. Doug Jones, as a candidate, has proven that he protects little girls while...

Singapore Visitors Guide – Travel Ups and Downs

When we came to SE Asia, we figured we'd be living in Singapore eventually. My partner had been talking with various companies and exploring roles in Singapore since we lived in San Francisco. Before we entertained another job offer from the area, we figured we needed...

Sri Lanka Travel Guide – Travel Highs & Lows

We planned our visit to Sri Lanka mainly because we were 'in the area' after visiting India and Maldives. We had no idea how much we would love Sri Lanka and it turned out to be a highlight of our month long tour. Colombo is an easy flight from Kuala Lumpur.and is an...

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