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Zero Waste in Asia | Sustainable Travel

Fruit Stand in Kuala Lumpur

Zero waste is mentioned a good deal on Infomiss. In many places in the US especially progressive urban areas like San Francisco, LA, NY and Seattle, avoiding and drastically limiting waste and packaging is fairly easy. Living zero waste in Asia challenges me as the concept of minimal waste is still not widely popular. I really have …

Travel and Minimizing Plastic Waste – Zero Waste in SE Asia

Beautiful Food display in India

Minimizing plastic waste is a relatively easy way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling. Air travel emissions account for our families greatest environmental spend, so we love that our efforts to avoid plastic go along way in reducing our impact and leaving no trace in the cities we visit. Travel and Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Minimizing Plastic …

Radically Reduce | How to Downsize

Too Much Stuff

I was feeling overwhelmed from both sides of the time equation. We wanted to spend our (decreasing) time with each other and our kids. We wanted to spend less (increasing) time maintaining our house and activities. I also wanted create a more predictable budget. Our kids seemed overwhelmed by the quantity of their possessions. As our kids grew, …