About Infomiss

InfoMiss was created in 2009 to catalog the journey of living with less waste and finding more freedom.

By and large, the freedom we found from living smaller was that we live small anywhere in the world. At least, anywhere that has good internet and air conditioning!

Five years ago, we decided to we wanted to move outside of the United States. From starting out in Santa Monica we headed to Seattle and then back to California to live in San Francisco. Five years later almost to the month, we were ready to hit the road. We packed our bags, put our remaining things in storage and headed off to Southeast Asia.

Since we began traveling early 2016, we’ve continued to make low waste choices. Minimal waste choices decrease our carbon footprint, and keep our life simple and our wallet happy.

To sum up, we are digital nomads and digital learners traveling the world and living as zero waste as possible. I’m glad you’ve stopped by and hope you’ll follow along on our global ed-venture!

xo – Bar, Infomiss

Bar de Briere, Infomiss

Who We Are

Bar de Briere, Infomiss

I love trail running, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, and parkour and have a personal goal to visit every parkour community in the world. Fun fact, I have been a successful, professional non-working SAG actor for more than 13 years. Green drinks are my favorite medicine and simple cooking keeps me sane. Our two amazingly different kids are educated online and in the world and lead us down many interesting paths. My best friend and overall favorite person in the world (besides our 2 kids) is my husband AndrewM. Please enjoy some of my Favorite Quotes


Andrew loves jujitsu, swimming, problems that others can’t solve, Infomiss, and cold beer. Besides being our families chief strategist, he mentors professionals and companies as a Consulting CTO. Andrew’s currently managing offshore development, hiring and recruiting at IIPN. You can learn more about him by visiting his personal site here.


Ame loves parkour, ice hockey, dance and playing the fiddle. She edits, directs and films DIYs, challenges, and other entertaining videos for her YouTube channel. Read her musings at her SprocketGirl site.


Lex keeps a low digital profile and thinks social media is a waste of time. Even so, he IS fun at parties. Not only is he a fun guy, he also enjoys group theory, Roblox, and strategy games.


Bar de Briere is an Editor, Writer, Technologist, Zero Waste Revivalist, and world-schooling parent of two active pre-teens. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Feel free to connect through Infomiss, LinkedInInstagram, or in person when you are in Asia.


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