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I am thrilled that you’re here.

My name is Bar de Briere. InfoMiss was created in 2009, originally as a way to catalog our journey and support those that we owed shared credit.

I love trail running, Parkour, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, painting, math and writing. I have been a successful, professional non-working SAG actor for a number of years. I am  interested in health and wellness. I love real and raw foods, simple cooking, simple living. Our two amazingly different kids are educated online and in the world and lead us down many interesting paths. My best friend and overall favorite person to be around (besides our 2 kids) is my husband – I just really like him.

Five years ago, we decided to travel. Santa Monica ->Seattle ->San Francisco and now have set off on a global adventure (Currently in Kuala Lumpur, MY).

I hope you will find something useful as you visit these pages.

Bar de Briere is a Editor, Writer, Technologist, Zero Waste Revivalist, and Worldschooler currently on a global adventure, mixing Health, Happiness, and Play with a bit of saving the world. Feel free to connect virtually via LinkedIn, Instagram, through www.InfoMiss.com or in person when you are abroad.


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