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Baby Drummer - Unnecessary Baby Stuff

Our kids are preteens now but I still sometimes drag them into my lap and cuddle them like babies. I usually find our kids present age way too entertaining (or maddening) to wax nostalgic. I do remember with great joy, the day we were able to get rid of the last stroller. That was a magical day. Our friends use to say they never saw our kids’ feet touch the ground. Five years and no less than six strollers later, we finally got rid of the last holdout of their baby years. Most of the gear seemed like unnecessary baby stuff to us, so we didn’t bother, but even today, I stop to admire a good stroller.

If he could outsource walking forever, he would.
This one would happily outsource walking. All dressed and waiting to leave in our last stroller.

Our List of Unnecessary Baby Stuff

Rocking Chairs and Gliders

I’m sure rocking chairs and gliders are great, but we didn’t have the space. If you do have space, it still might be worth waiting to meet your baby before you buy this piece of furniture. Our first born would only fall asleep if we held her while standing hunched over with one leg raised in the air. I’m not even kidding. In addition, I safely co-slept with the kids, so there was no need for night rocking.

If you do get a rocker, consider buying used. Other considerations would be the width and height of the arms between in relation to babies head. Padding the arms is helpful as the baby will inevitably rear back and clock itself on wooden chair arms. And If you have oodles of space and money to spend there’s always the mother of all rockers, the Lazyboy.

Rocking Chair - Unnecessary Baby Stuff

Changing Table

We never had a changing table. Instead, we place a towel or changing pad on the bed for diaper changes. It goes without saying that you still need to keep your eyes on the baby. Line up your tools before the change.

Changing Table - Unnecessary Baby Stuff

Other Unnecessary Baby Stuff

  • Bath toys aren’t necessary for a couple of months after baby is born.
  • Bibs
  • Bottle warmer. A stove, pan and water do the job.
  • Bottle sterilizer. Hot water, soap and brush or a dishwasher are fine.
  • Baby wipes. Use a soft, warm, damp cloth.
  • Wet wipe warmer
  • Special Utensils
  • Shoes. Instead use socks or go barefoot.
  • Specialty Dirty Diaper Trash Cans

Unnecessary Baby Stuff for the First 4-7 Months

  • A highchair or walker with food/play tray, which can function as a feeding area if you have limited space
  • Spoons, bowls, plates, and sippy cups


We safely co-slept with both kids, so we never purchased a crib, which was a money and space saver. Friends of ours created a wonderful, giant, safe family bed comprised of large Japanese futon mattresses on the floor. Not only was their bed a simple, affordable solution for many years, the room also evolved into a fun play space and reading spot during the day. We loved co-sleeping with our kids and count it as one of our smarter parenting choices. Not everyone will choose to co-sleep, but for those that do, you never, ever need purchase a crib or figure out how to get rid of a crib.

Hospitals Will Give You More Unnecessary Baby Stuff

Hospitals will vary, but some of the things you may get from your hospital for free are:

  • Aspirator for sucking boogers and snot out of their nose. We never once used an aspirator.
  • Baby blanket
  • T-shirt
  • Breast-feeding accessories that you can use in the hospital and maybe later with your own pump
  • Formula samples
  • Some hospitals also rent breast pumps. See how you do with pumping breast milk before committing to an expensive pump.

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